Swissray ddR Systems


Precision digital imaging wherever you need it

The ddRCruze™ is Swissray’s answer to today’s need for increased flexibility at modern health care facilities. We asked technologists to help us design the perfect mobile system. With their feedback we have developed a mobile X-ray system with many convenient features to make their workday «cruze» by. As a compact, fully motorized and mobile DR system, it can easily be moved and operated with just one hand. Working bedside or in any other area of the hospital, it delivers superb diagnostic image quality. Thanks to its RIS/PACS compatibility, the ddRCruze™ seamlessly connects to the hospital network and delivers maximum workflow efficiency.

  • Fully motorized and fully comprehensive mobile DR system
  • Effortless system operation
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Premium diagnostic image quality
  • Technologist-designed convenience features
  • Viewing monitor for image review and system setup which can be positioned on any side of the system for added convenience
  • Front-view camera for safe maneuverability
  • Easy detector bagging device


Proof that superior image quality can be affordable

Our engineers have designed the ddRElement™ based on feedback we have received from customers for over a decade. Without sacrificing image quality and functionality, Swissray offers a space efficient, multifunctional DR system which is affordable for any imaging provider. As with all Swissray ddR systems, the ddRElement™ delivers on the promise of reducing cost while increasing productivity and improving patient care. The ddRElement™ delivers excellent quality radiographic images in just seconds. Fast and effortless manual system positioning, coupled with its workflow optimized user interface, provide at least twice the productivity of cassette-based radiography systems.

  • Space-efficient design
  • Multifunctional system for all radiography examinations including orthopedic imaging
  • Exceptionally low central beam for standing lower extremities
  • C-arm design for convenient cross-table lateral examinations
  • Easy to use for patients with special needs
  • Fits small examination rooms with low ceiling heights
  • Rotatable X-ray tube for off-detector and off-center imaging


Superior performance delivers superior quality

The ddRFormula® is Swissray’s innovative C-arm designed digital radiography system. Featuring the exclusive APS™ –Automated Positioning System – it is the most automated DR solution in the marketplace. All system movements are motorized and software controlled resulting in total automatic functionality. The ddRFormula® features a C-arm design with the X-ray tube always centered to the detector for the fastest, most precise and convenient patient positioning. The ddRFormula® Plus version allows for convenient off-detector imaging.

    APS™ - Automated Positioning System Image preview in 3 seconds Considerably exceeds the workload of cassette-based Single focus eXpertStitching™ for orthopedic imaging Off - center imaging ddRArt™


Flexibility has never been this affordable

The ddRVersa™ Motion is designed to provide fast and flexible digital imaging in the demanding environment of a busy Radiography Department. Featuring Swissray’s exclusive APS™ – Automated Positioning System, it is a multifunctional and fully automated digital radiography system with motorized ceiling suspension, a fixed positioning table with elevating base including a four-way floating top, a smart wall stand and auto-tracking detector with removable grids.

  • Easy Operation
  • Safe Operation
  • Flexible Patient Table
  • Fully Motorized ceiling suspension
  • Top detector technology
  • Smart wall stand
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring(REM)

ddRAura™ S

A multifunctional system for more versatility

The ddRAura™ S performs direct digital radiographic examinations on upright, seated and supine patients with unprecedented efficiency and image quality. The system includes motorized vertical arm and SID movement for fast and precise system set-up.

  • Multifunctional system for all radio graphy examinations
  • Motorized height and SID adjustment
  • Effortless manual tube-arm, detector and tube rotation
  • Exceptional low X-ray beam for standing exams
  • Various generator power incl. energy assist
  • Robust design, maintenance friendly
  • Fits into very small examination rooms

ddRAura™ U

Flexibility and Functionality even faster workflow

The ddRAura™ U is the perfect solution for busy radiology departments and imaging centers that have a need for speed. The U-arm design paired with Swissray’s APS or Automatic Positioning System includes a small wireless hand held remote control and optional foot pedal for effortless positioning.

  • Unlimited APS – Automatic positioning system
  • Image display in 3 seconds
  • Ultimate workflow
  • 9.7” Tube mounted touchscreen interface
  • Small footprint
  • Single or dual detector options available
  • Off detector and off center imaging
  • Single focus stitching

ddRAura™ OTC

Productivity meets versatility for any radiology department

The ddRAura™ OTC is an advanced and modern direct digital X-Ray system for demanding radiology departments. It includes a manually positioned ceiling suspension with motorized elevation, a floor-mounted fixed height or height adjustable patient table with a 4-way floating table top and manually positioned wall stand (optionally motorized).

  • Semi-automated DR-System for easy and quick system positioning
  • Tube mounted 9.7” touch-screen console for patient registration, system position, generator control and image view
  • Auto tracking vertical movement tube – wall stand
  • Table with heavy weight load up to 300kg
  • Charger for the portable detector in cassette tray
  • Wireless- and /or fixed-detector configuration
  • Ambient lighting color coded for system status

ddRAura™ OTC with APS

Smarter technology for smoother workflow

Swissray’s advanced system design is based on smart technology and intuitive user interaction. Incorporating numerous clever features and functionalities, we have eliminated workflow bottlenecks and streamlined diagnostic imaging procedures for the benefit of technologists and patients alike.

  • Fully automated DR-System for highest patient throughput
  • Ceiling suspension with 5 motors incl. APS (Automated Positioning System)
  • Tube mounted 9.7” touch-screen console for patient registration, system position, generator control and image view
  • Fully configurable – multiple choices for generator and tube power, table functions and various numbers of detectors – wired or wireless
  • Wall stand with tilting functionality to facilitate easier examination for extremities
  • Portable detector sharing with other Swissray systems
  • Ambient lighting color coded for system status

ddRAura™ FMTS

Advanced and affordable workflow redefined

The ddRAura™ FMTS is an affordable and multifunctional direct digital x-ray system. It includes a manually positioned floor mounted tube stand and vertical wall bucky stand and 4-way floating patient table (optionally 6-way elevating). Designed for easy positioning with high flexibility and minimum room requirements, the system can perform a wide range of general and specialized radiographic imaging.

  • Precise and flexible manual positioning
  • Auto-tracking and sensing table and wall stand
  • Wireless- and /or fixed-detector configuration
  • Tube mounted 9.7” touch-screen console for patient registration, system position, generator control and image view
  • Intuitive software provides outstanding image quality
  • Space efficient – fits into small x-ray rooms

ddRAura™ DRive Kit

Advanced and affordable workflow redefined

The ddRAura™ DRive Kit converts existing analog or CR radiography systems into fully integrated or interfaced digital radiography rooms, extending the life of the existing equipment while increasing productivity and reimbursement. The ddRAura™ DRive kit is available with multiple flat panel detector configurations both fixed and wireless, providing excellent image quality in a fraction of the the time as compared with Analog or CR based Radiography.

  • Extend life of existing analog room
  • Utilize existing generator control
  • Optional integration with multiple generators
  • Image display in less than 4 seconds
  • 23” DICOM touchscreen monitor
  • Compatible with fixed or wireless detectors

EIZO - Medical Viewing Stations



Carving out the smallest details is essential in medical practice. Only people who can obtain a clear picture, and only those who can separate what is important from what is not, get clear results in medicine.Exceptional image quality, a perfectly coordinated network, support software, and excellent customer service are some of the reasons why EIZO RadiForce medical solutions are found in leading hospitals around the world. Because just like medical professionals, we always have one goal in mind: Multi-Modality Monitors extracting the essence.

RadiForce specially designed 1 to 8 megapixel monochrome and color monitors take full account of medical institutions' need for different types of monitors with DICOM Part 14 standard calibration and high-performance capabilities required for precise diagnoses.

  • Make the Precise Diagnosis
  • Maintain the Precision
  • Manage Effortless Quality Control
  • Keep Your Monitor Lit Longer
  • View Accurate Images in Moments
  • Attain Steady Images Across the Screen
  • Comfortably View from Any Angle
  • Select the Ideal Mode for Modalities
  • Conserve Energy While Away
  • Improve Operability
  • Stay Confident with Stable Brightness
  • Rest Assured with Medical Qualifications

RadioForce Multi-Series


These super high-resolution diagnostic monitors can display a variety of medical images on one screen at the same time using EIZO's unique Hybrid Gamma technology.


  • RX850 | 8MP - 79 cm (31.1") Color LCD Monitor
  • RX650 | 6MP - 76 cm (30") Color LCD Monitor
  • RX440 | 4MP - 76 cm (29.8") Color LCD Monitor


  • Streamline Your Workflow
  • Maintain High Performance
  • Optimize Color & Monochrome Brightness

RadiForce Mammo-Series


It is vital in the process of early breast cancer detection that monitors display accurate and consistent quality images. EIZO provides optimum diagnosis confidence with a 5 megapixel monitor specifically for digital mammography imaging.


  • GX540 | 5MP - 54 cm (21.3") Monochrome LCD Monitor


  • View Mammography Images Clearly
  • Easily Distinguish Subtle Tones
  • Bring Out the Finest Details

RadiForce G&R-Series


3 high-resolution megapixel monitors are capable of fully displaying chest X-ray images. 2 megapixel monitors are ideal for a wide variety of tasks from viewing CR, DR, MRI, and CT images to use as a PACS/HIS/RIS terminal. The space-efficient 1 megapixel monitors are ideal for referral imaging and review of CT and MRI images in a PACS environment.


  • GX340 | 3MP - 54 cm ( 21.3") Monochrome LCD Monitor
  • GX240 | 2MP - 54 cm ( 21.3") Monochrome LCD Monitor
  • RX340 | 3MP - 54 cm ( 21.2") Color LCD Monitor
  • RX240 | 2MP - 54 cm ( 21.3") Color LCD Monitor
  • RS110 | 1MP - 48 cm (19") Color LCD Monitor
  • SMD 19102 | 1MP - 48 cm (19") Monochrome LCD Monitor


  • Support Images for Specializations
  • Optimize Brightness in All Areas
  • Discern Subtleties in Grayscale Tones
  • Connect with Any System

RadiForce MX-Series


Superior cost performance clinical review monitors are ideal for viewing patient charts with MRI and CT medical images in DICOM Part 14 standard. In addition, they are available in wide-screen and square formats in various resolutions to meet the diverse needs of hospitals and clinics.


  • MX270W | 3MP - 68 cm (27") Color LCD Monitor
  • MX191 | 1MP - 48 cm (19") Color LCD Monitor
  • MX242W | 23MP - 61 cm (24.1") Color LCD Monitor
  • MX215 | 2MP - 54 cm (21.3") Color LCD Monitor
  • MS235WT | 2MP - 58 cm (23") Multitouch Color LCD Monitor


  • Stay Cost Efficient
  • View More with Widescreen
  • Easily Interact with Images
  • Achieve Seamless Touch Operation

RadiCS & RadiNET Pro


With filmless imaging spreading in medicine, maintaining the quality of monitors for medical imaging is becoming increasingly important. With the know-how and experience as a specialist in monitor manufacturing, EIZO offers monitor quality control solutions for diagnostic precision and comprehensive management to contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care.


  • RadiCS - Quality Control Software
  • RadiNET Pro Edition - Network QC Management Software (For Small & Medium Sized Hospitals)
  • RadiNET Pro (For Large Sized Hospitals)
  • RadiNET Pro Web Hosting - Network QC Management Server Providing


  • Ensure Precise Quality Control
  • Keep Monitor Management Organized
  • Stay Worry-Free with Server Hosting
  • Maintain iPad Image Quality

RadiForce MX242W


A 24.1-inch widescreen monitor with DICOM Part 14 calibration support, smooth color reproduction, and screen management for increased work efciency.

  • Optimal viewing of medical DICOM grayscale images
  • Image accuracy and consistency over time with DICOM Part 14 calibration
  • Low power consumption and long lifetime with LED backlight
  • Increased work ef¬ciency with widescreen
  • Minimal color and contrast shift when viewed from an angle
  • Consistent display with automatically stabilized brightness
  • Stable images across the screen with brightness uniformity
  • Smooth color gradation with over 1 billion colors displayed
  • Ideal preset modes for CR, CT, MRI, and endoscope images
  • Guaranteed usage time of 5 years or 15,000 hours at 180 cd/m2


  • Make the Precise Diagnosis
  • Maintain the Precision
  • Keep Your Monitor Lit Longer
  • View More with Widescreen
  • Comfortably View from Any Angle
  • View Accurate Images in Moments
  • Attain Steady Images Across the Screen
  • Gain Smooth Color Reproduction
  • Select the Ideal Mode for Modalities
  • Stay Confident with Stable Brightness

ICRco Dr (Direct Digital Radiography) Solutions



The iDR is an affordable fixed panel that deploys a unique scanning DR technology. It allows for a direct digital workflow at a much lower cost than standard fixed direct digital radiography panels.



This direct digital radiography solution utilizes a dual zone detector plate that eliminates the need for a cassette. Integrating phosphor plate technology, the iDR-34 boasts a higher resolution than standard DR while maintaining the same workflow.



One solution to address all of your long-bone imaging needs. Introducing the iDR-L: a seamless, high-resolution, digital radiography detector that offers full spine, regional, and zone scanning capabilities.



Advance forward with the latest detector technology in wireless DR systems. Introducing the AirDR: the next generation of flat panel digital radiography solutions.



The AirDRc provides integrated AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) which allows for seamless, retrofit integration, and no-hassle implementation into your practice.

ICRco CR (Computed Radiography) Solutions



A small tabletop scanner that's big on workflow. Introducing a lightweight, conveniently sized, and computed radiography solution that's been ruggedized for small format imaging and veterinary markets.



A proven solution, the 3600 has earned global acclaim from clinics, hospitals, and emergency response services, the military, mobile facilities, and non-destructive testing users for its image quality and reliability.



High-resolution, mammography capable, CR solution. The best computed radiography solution for imaging centers and mammography clinics.

Chrome The Elemental CR


Small is the new big. Introducing the elemental CR - a lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice