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Clarity PACS

PACS made clear

The Future of PACS Software at iCRco.
Being a fully vertically integrated company, iCRco developed Clarity PACS as an integral part of our complete medical imaging solution. Clarity PACS is a new, revolutionary way of managing your digital imaging data.
Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS designed to optimize imaging workflow and simplify image management processes, and it is fully web-enabled. It is designed to support all major modalities and includes a powerful web-viewer. What sets apart Clarity Viewer is the user friendly and sleek graphical user interface, unique tools such as report writing, very powerful CD burn and DICOM Print options, advanced image manipulation tools, support for cross sectional imaging and HL7 Integration with third party information management systems like RIS and EMR. Clarity PACS is fully HIPAA compliant and provides complete audit logs. Clarity PACS can integrate seamlessly with all other vendors’ medical imaging devices. It is DICOM 3.0 and HL7 compliant with a fully-featured DICOM Archive. Web-based Clarity PACS can support sites as small as a single physician’s office, or as large as imaging centers and hospitals. You can now view a study from anywhere in the world with the Clarity PACS web-based image viewer.
iCRco has been a medical imaging software and hardware manufacturer for almost 20 years. At iCRco we house our entire R&D, Software engineering, technical support as well as sales and marketing teams all under one roof at our headquarters in California. This makes iCRco very powerful and allows us to provide superior customer service and support while answering to our customer’s needs immediately and efficiently.
iCRco provides a full line of digital imaging devices and PACS solutions offering a complete turn-key solution for your practice. You can now convert to digital imaging with peace of mind.


Private Practice

Whether your office has a few or fifty team members, iCRco can provide you with the most advanced Digital Imaging and PACS solutions in the market. iCRco's solutions integrate directly into your existing radiology workflow. Private practices have been left on the other side of the Medical Digital Divide due to the cost and complexity of converting to a full digital environment. iCRco has been bridging the medical digital divide for almost 20 years making innovative, turn-key digital solutions affordable and accessible.

The full line of iCRco computed radiography machines will revolutionize your workflow and transform your practice into a modern imaging facility. Clarity PACS, an integral part of our complete solution will change how you manage your digital data and greatly improve your productivity. It is time to see the future of medical imaging and become part of the innovation with iCRco.


Radiologists around the world voiced their needs and we listened. Web-enabled, robust, easy to use interface with Quality Rich™ features give you PACS at an affordable cost. To support the evolving needs of Radiologists, and satisfy the ever increasing demands for patient throughput and quality care, Clarity PACS is designed to be scalable and incorporate Quality Rich™ features.

Radiologists now can exchange images between their offices or complete a study to be sent to a referring physician any time of the day, anywhere via web-enabled Clarity PACS. Remote access from the Radiologist’s workstation to Clarity PACS improves productivity and allows you to increase quality patient care and revenues.

Orthopedics Practices

A sophisticated orthopedic specialist wants the best. Clarity PACS delivers an innovative solution to store, manage and display images and data within an orthopedic care setting. Clarity PACS has everything an orthopedic practice might need.

TraumaCAD software paired with the powerful Clarity PACS workstations offers the benefits of efficient pre-operative and surgical planning with a full orthopedic template library, measurement tools, and complete pre-operative tools. iCRco provides a full line of digital imaging devices and PACS solutions offering a complete turn-key solution for your practice. You can now convert to digital radiography with peace of mind.


Clarity PACS is the right choice for Podiatric practices and delivers an innovative solution to store, manage and display images and data within a podiatry care setting. Clarity PACS comes with user friendly and intuitive image viewing software which includes podiatry specific tools.

iCRco is a complete suite of x-ray imaging hardware, PACS, imaging software and integrated solutions provider for all healthcare professionals.



A part of the Clarity PACS solution is a new and ground-breaking image acquisition software that allows you to acquire images from any modality. XC's touch screen capable interface is user friendly and can easily be integrated with your front office systems like RIS and EMR. Search and sort options, image manipulation tools as well as distribution options make this software intuitive and easy to use; streamlining your workflow and productivity.

XC encompasses a smart processing algorithm called ICE-2. ICE-2 automatically enhances the visualization of bone and soft tissue details, which significantly improves image quality and clinical workflow in a busy practice. With ICE-2 you can instantly sharpen or soften images to the preference of the physician. Modern and innovative design of the software revitalizes how medical software should look, feel and function.

  • Enhanced visualization of fine detail and soft-tissue contrast
  • Allows the physician and technologists to automatically acquire the appropriate grade of image enhancement for all body parts
  • Fully automatic, one-click soft, standard or sharp processing using ICE-2™
  • Smart Smoothing™ improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail to get the most out of state-of-the-art digital radiographs acquired with all types of modalities
  • Ability to add measurements and annotations as well cropping the image
  • Smart Box™ tool automates the window/level quickly and efficiently leading to improved workflow and higher productivity

Archive : Clarity Archive & Modality Support

As you gear to transform your practice with PACS, you have to consider what your needs are. Every facility, whether it is a single physician’s office or a large hospital, will require different configuration when implementing an archiving solution. iCRco works with each and every client to find the right solution that fits the needs of your practice. Clarity PACS can be configured on the modality PC or as a standalone server. Our one year unlimited software and hardware warranty is included in every package. Clarity Archive can also be configured, updated and monitored remotely. Like most practices, your office may have multiple modalities. Clarity PACS Archive can receive imaging data from multiple modalities seamlessly, further reforming your workflow..

Key Features

  • Key DICOM services, including: DICOM Receive, Query/Retrieve, Storage Commit and Modality Worklist
  • Fully configurable, rule-based routing of images
  • Lossless image compression
  • Off-site back-up options
  • Highly reliable storage with RAID mirroring and striping options
  • DICOM CD/DVD Import and Archival

Modality Support

  • Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Direct Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Digital Mammography (DM)
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR)
  • Ultrasound (US)

Viewer : Web-enabled Clarity PACS Workstation

Clarity PACS is a family of robust and clinically proven workstations designed to optimize workflow in all healthcare environments. Clarity PACS workstations include a powerful viewer allowing the physician to easily search or sort, preview patient studies or customize these filters to the user’s preference. The viewer encompasses many tools such as Smart window/level, full set of measurement and annotation tools like Cobb angle, Hounsfield unit, library of center line and cine tools. DICOM print, Report writer and burning a patient CD are few of many functionalities the Clarity Viewer offers. Feature rich Clarity Viewer was designed with the end-user in mind, offering a simple to use interface to streamline workflow. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, Clarity Viewer is so simple to use, train and upgrade.

  • Web-enabled viewer
  • Multi-modality support
  • Easy to filter, search and sort modality worklist
  • Automatic multi monitor configuration
  • User customizable filters
  • Ability to edit patient/study information
  • Rapid Image Manipulation & Display
  • Full set of Measurements & Annotation tools
  • Dynamic Scout Lines for CT & MR
  • Cross reference lines
  • Structured Report Writer
  • DICOM Print and CD/DVD burn functionality
  • Grey scale presentation states (GSPS)

Distribute: Easy distribution of Medical Images Instantly

Clarity PACS is fully DICOM compliant and allows you to send, receive and archive images from all imaging modalities quickly and efficiently. You can pull images from the Clarity archive to any DICOM workstation in your facility. Once you pull a patient study from the archive to the workstation to burn a CD or DICOM print and complete this function that study no longer resides on that workstation never filling up your hard drive.

With Clarity PACS workflow is once again streamlined by distributing medical imaging data seamlessly.

  • Enhanced visualization of fine detail and soft-tissue contrast
  • Allows the physician and technologists to automatically acquire the appropriate grade of image enhancement for all body parts
  • Fully automatic, one-click soft, standard or sharp processing using ICE-2™
  • Smart Smoothing™ improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail to get the most out of state-of-the-art digital radiographs acquired with all types of modalities
  • Ability to add measurements and annotations as well cropping the image
  • Smart Box™ tool automates the window/level quickly and efficiently leading to improved workflow and higher productivity

DICOM Send and Retrieve

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol. Clarity PACS is fully DICOM compliant and can send and receive images within seconds over a network making this a powerful web-enabled PACS. This means you can be anywhere in the world and still access your images with just a couple of clicks. PACS are changing to continue to satisfy today’s digital imaging professionals’ needs, and iCRco Clarity PACS is leading the way.

  • Send and retrieve DICOM images in seconds
  • Fully web-enabled access
  • Intuitive and User–friendly interface

CD Burning

The Patient CD Burner tool is the perfect solution for radiology clinics or focused care facilities to distribute images and reports to patients or referring physicians. It exports all the contents in a worklist to a CD including digital x-ray images, radiologist’s reports and scanned documents. This standard tool makes it possible to create a CD with and imbedded Clarity Viewer in a quick and easy manner containing all necessary and relevant patient information. Images and reports become accessible from any computer with a CD-player, and a reliable way of storing and moving patient information is achieved with ease.

  • Burn digital x-ray images, reports and scanned documents onto a CD
  • Imbedded Viewer
  • Accessible on any computer with a CD-player


iCRco offers iFilm Creator™ as its DICOM dry film printing solution. The all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. Clarity PACS workstation has the ability to print on all devices supporting DICOM Print iFilm Creator delivers superior diagnostic quality images and unmatched versatility. Its multiple media features make it the ideal choice for different modalities, or a multiple modality department. Clarity PACS’ ability to print on film with even third party printers is what makes iCRco PACS solution unique and a leader in medical image data management.

JiveX from VISUS

JiveX Products

The Modern Image and Diagnostic Report Management System for All Fields of Medicine

The various fields of medicine are moving ever closer together. The boundaries between departments and facilities are being overcome in favor of holistic, interdisciplinary and cross-sector patient care. In order to support these processes, the IT sector, too, must break new ground and must ensure that medical data no longer exists in isolation. This requires scalable solutions which are highly functional while at the same time clearing the road for hospital-wide data availability. In order to meet these requirements, JiveX is based on a modular concept, with JiveX Enterprise PACS, JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II) and JiveX Medical Archive forming the three main product segments, which can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements in a user-friendly way. All JiveX products are based on internationally recognized standards such as DICOM or HL7. As a result, they can be seamlessly and vendor-independently integrated into leading systems such as the HIS. The use of standards furthermore allows for easy integration of non-radiological data, as well as their distribution and viewing both facility-wide and across facilities.


JiveX Enterprise PACS

One view, one click, one report - Radiology simple and efficient

Whether in the doctor's office or in clinical radiology, JiveX PACS offers efficient and versatile solutions for every scenario. Flexible interfaces, modular design and high scalability make it possible to establish a tailor-made image-data management system. In addition, extensive DICOM support provides the ability to interface with the equipment of any manufacturer and creates the necessary freedom to work economically. By virtue of deep integration in the important information systems, JiveX offers reliable and meaningful linking of patient data and in this way optimizes the workflow in doctors' offices and hospitals.

The benefits of JiveX Enterprise PACS at a glance:

  • Customized hanging and reading protocols
  • 3-D processes and vascular analysis integrated into the workflow
  • Teleradiology in accordance with the RoeV
  • Integrated image on the web and mobile
  • Proven multisite solutions for group structures

JiveX Integrated Imaging

One hospital, one viewer, one PACS - Image and reports in one single system

On the basis of extensive experience in radiological image management and archiving, VISUS also offers, with JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II), the ability to integrate non radiological image and diagnostic data into the PACS throughout the hospital. Regardless of whether the issue is ECG, endoscopy or wound documentation, JiveX allows data of the most diverse formats not only to be filed but also to be evaluated for diagnostics and linked with further patient data. JiveX Integrated Imaging permits interfacing with modalities and the existing PACS throughout the hospital and independently of the manufacturer, while the Analog Modality Gateway converts non-DICOM to DICOM data.

Benefits of JiveX Integrated Imaging at a glance:

  • Multivendor and consolidated archiving of the entire imaging
  • Complete availability and complete digitization of all image, video, .pdf and biosignal data based on IHE
  • All images, videos and signals can be accessed via a consistent, ­(German) Medical Devices Act-compliant viewer
  • HIS integration at all workstations with only one interface with the HIS#
  • Proven multisite solutions for group structures

JiveX Medical Archive

Vendor-neutral archiving in medicine

Medically relevant information is stored scattered across various systems and archives - from the HIS to specialist systems - in different formats, and in some cases even in different locations within the hospital. This decentralized storage presents two problems for the treating physician: bringing together all of the medical information needed for treatment requires a great deal of time. Furthermore, there is a risk when data is held in scattered locations of important information not being considered during the decision-making process because its existence is simply overlooked.

Benefits of JiveX Medical Archive at a glance:

  • Vendor-neutral and consolidated archives at a glance for all areas of medical documentation
  • All medical data, documents, images, videos, and signals accessible anywhere in the hospital using a single viewer which is conformant with the German Medical Devices Act [MPG]
  • Inter-institutional communication via IHE-XDS
  • HIS integration at all workstations with just one interface to the HIS
  • Tried and tested multiple site solutions for association-type structures

JiveX Server

Custom-Tailored Communication and Cross-Linking

JiveX can be smoothly connected to any image source. Via the DICOM interface, CT, MRI, or digital X-ray can be linked; via the video interface, integration of endoscopy or of analog ultrasound devices is possible. Import interfaces and HL7 interfaces enable integration of documents and diagnostic reports. In this context, the JiveX Communication Server acts as the communication hub: It provides all connections and ensures end-toend work processes as well as safe and fast retrieval of images and reports within the practitioner’s IT system, the HIS, RIS, or other documentation systems. Based on national and international standards, JiveX works in conjunction with the systems of other leading manufacturers. Of course, it complies with the requirements of IHE specifications. The JiveX Communication Server boosts extreme scalability, and is available in various versions catering for your individual needs.

The JiveX Server Which Fits Your Individual Needs

  • JiveX Communication Server
  • JiveX TWIN Server
  • JiveX Communication Server (Embedded Version)
  • JiveX Data Center Server


Modality Gateways

JiveX – Independent and Flexible

JiveX Modality Gateways provide the link between the JiveX Server and the imaging devices (modalities). The JiveX System offers interfaces for the most diverse image and video formats, enabling linkage of almost any image source - be it digital or analog. No matter whether you work with CT, MRI, digital X-ray, angiography, nuclear medicine, ECG, or video endoscopy and photography – with JiveX you can archive any type of medical imaging data. Based on national and international standards, JiveX works in conjunction with systems from other leading manufacturers. It goes without saying that JiveX complies with IHE requirements

Modality Gateways for the JiveX Server

  • JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway
  • JiveX File Import Gateway
  • JiveX Analog Modality Gateway
  • JiveX ECG Modality Gateway

Workflow Management

JiveX – Open and Transparent

Key benefits of the JiveX system are the optimal support for, and simplification of, key work processes of all clinical departments which work with the system. As an example, the flow of image data is supported – from capture and reporting to generation of patient CDs and image distribution. For this purpose JiveX offers numerous options for automated data processing and data communication. In addition, flexible interfaces and modules help to achieve ideal data quality.

Workflow Modules for the JiveX Server

  • JiveX Server Sync Manager
  • JiveX Multi Site Query
  • JiveX DICOM Worklist Broker
  • JiveX Clinical Document Manager
  • JiveX Case Manager
  • JiveX DICOM Import Gateway
  • JiveX HL7 Gateway
  • JiveX PDF Print Gateway
  • JiveX Study Verification Manager
  • JiveX Presentation Manager
  • JiveX Case Collection
  • JiveX DICOM Mail Gateway
  • JiveX LDAP Gateway
  • JiveX Mammo Screening Manager
  • JiveX Study Access Manager
  • JiveX DICOM RT Module
  • JiveX ECG Workflow Module
  • JiveX Display Consistency Report Manager

Digital Archiving

Your Flexible Archiving Concept with JiveX

Whether as PACS or medical archive for a GP’s practice, as a hospital-wide solution, or as a multiclient-enabled system for your hospital group – JiveX archives your image and video data as well as medical documents efficiently regarding effort and cost. In this context, the data can always be saved online. In addition, all exams are stored in compliance with legal requirements on a secure media or in a tele archive. Top resilience is offered by the JiveX TWIN Server. Modern image compression techniques make optimal use of the respective storage capacities. This puts all pre-exams directly at your disposal.

Archiving Modules for the JiveX Server

  • JiveX Offline Storage Service
  • JiveX Archive Manager
  • JiveX Archive Manager DR (Data Replication)
  • JiveX Archive Gateway
  • JiveX DICOM PACS Gateway

Desktop Applications

Individuality and Efficiency

The JiveX systems support a modular system architecture and can be extended, in the network, by various platform-independent desktop applications. JiveX supports, for respective areas of application, several operating systems. The Communication Server, which acts as the control center of the JiveX system, manages the database centrally and makes it available to the desktop applications. Depending on the concept for the network, access to images from the workplace can take place suited to particular needs directly from the server (on-demand) or rule-based via automatic auto- routing/pre-fetching. In addition, the server makes available, via the DICOM Query/Retrieve protocol, a standard interface which allows for seamless integration of common third-party systems into the network at any time.

Workstation or Client

  • Client Application
  • Workstation Application

JiveX Desktop Applications

  • JiveX Web
  • JiveX Mobile
  • JiveX Review
  • JiveX Quality Assurance QA
  • JiveX Diagnostic Advanced
  • JiveX Diagnostic Mammo
  • JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis
  • The JiveX Mammo Report Manager
  • JiveX Demonstration
  • JiveX Vessel Analysis
  • JiveX DICOM Viewer
  • The JiveX DICOM CD Viewer
  • The JiveX DICOM Mail Viewer